You Gotta Train Your Own Dog

SparkyAn analogy. I have a great dog called Sparky.  When Sparky was a pup my wife put him on a long leash and spent an hour a day with for three months. Now years later Sparky still comes when he’s called, sits, stays, won’t take food off the table, is trained where to poop, loves children and never runs away.  He’s the perfect dog and we love him.  Now my neighbors recently got a new dog and from time to time both of them run through my yard calling their dog’s name trying to catch him.  So my neighbor suggested the dog spend some time with Sparky and learn how to behave.

It’s not going to happen. Everything worth doing requires hands-on doing. Your relationship with your spouse, your job, faith, education, cooking – the apothecary cabinet you’re building in your wood shop down stairs or the Afghan your knitting.

You gotta train your own dog.