One More Reason Why Western Civilization Needs Texas

Here’s a story from the Daily Mail [paraphrased]:

After months of misery at his home in West Kirby, Wirral, pensioner (senior citizen to you Americans) Clive Cresswell (his parents were confirmed alliteratives) decided that something needed to be done about seagulls savagely dive bombing him every time he set foot outside. But today the 68-year-old finds himself in court after the seagullRSPCA accused him of shooting one of his unwanted visitors  which despite their reputation are classified as a protected species. He could face a hefty fine or even up to six months in prison if convicted. The case comes after a series of worrying incidents involving gulls across the country, including a dog that was killed and an attack on a tortoise.

Attack on a tortoise?  ATTACK ON A TORTOISE?  Arresting an old man defending himself against vicious birds? This is Great Britain today?  I think they need their empire back.

Or another way to look at it is that this is just one more reason why western civilization needs Texas.