Why The British Elite Hates American Conservatives

The ardour of the British elite for calling American Conservatives stupid is every day and in every way only heightened by the fact that many of their own people do – want to be more American.  Admire to no end actually – Texas.  Support capital punishment,  enjoy country music, like to keep a firearm in their home to defend their family against the increasingly thuggish British criminal class.  They like the way the American police take gangsters down and how the American courts are much quicker to throw them in the slammer. They like cheap petrol, lower taxes, the idea of an English speaking nation which stretches from the Arctic Circle to the Rio Grande, from New York to the South Sea islands.

They like all of that stupid stuff. Which is why the Left-Wing Public School boys and girls running Britain, and who regard running Britain as their natural right, are frequently driven out of their upper class accented minds in anger at the fun goings on this side of the Atlantic.