White Men Better At Appearing Smart?


Myisha Cherry and Eric Schwitzgebel in the  Los Angeles Times, March 4, 2016 suggest White men are better at appearing smart which is why they receive the overwhelming majority of advanced degrees in Philosophy.  (Hattip AMREN)  Here’s an extract:

Unfortunately, seeming smart is not a level playing field. In our culture, white men, especially white men from privileged backgrounds, have a large advantage in displaying the superficial features that attract high expectations.

Social psychologists have demonstrated that identical resumes are rated more highly when the applicant is white or male than when the applicant is black or female. Emails from prospective graduate students are more likely to receive a reply if sent by someone with a stereotypically white male name than if sent by a woman or ethnic minority. Interviewers tend to credit black and dark-skinned Latino subjects with less intelligence, even when the interview answers are the same.

So White men are better at appearing smart?  Or interviewers more often assume they are smarter?

This argument is basically trash.  It’s the doctrine of disparate outcome i.e.; if all racial groups are not represented in some the correct percentage in a population (even I guess Mariachi Bands but for some reason not NFL teams), there’s evil White racists at work.  Not Oriental, Black or Hispanic bigots but White.  Especially Republicans and Texans.

However I will concede that if you have an upper class British accent most people will think you’re smart, even if you’re as dumb as a box of rocks.  Or if you speak a foreign language other than Spanish – especially an Oriental language.  In this vein I once had a public school teacher insist that Chinese babies are the smartest on the planet because they all learn to speak their impossibly difficult language at such an early age.