What Kind Of A System Is That?

Up until a few months ago I was running a vacation rental called The Winterberry House.  It was listed on all the major vacation rental websites and was quite successful, in the course of five and a half years  the highest booking VR in the Hudson Valley for many months.  But not successful enough and this past autumn we folded it up.  A big change of pace for me because suddenly I wasn’t on the telephone for a couple of hours each day and no more business messages being left.

Enter my granddaughter (who lives just down the road) “mommy left you a message and you never called back” then she peered over at the answering machine, “look at how its blinking, there must be a hundred messages.”

“It’s probably maxed out.  When I think about it I index through the caller list to see who called but I haven’t listened to the answering machine in months.”

“In months?  IN MONTHS? What kind of system is that?”

Something I submit, which we should ask about a lot of other things in both our lives and our nation’s.