What Difference Does It Make

The first day of the Benghazi hearings are over and two things once evident are now confirmed.  One is that the “Talking Points” were changed in an attempt to place the blame for this debacle on the so- called offensive video trailer instead of where it belonged, on the criminal ineptitude of Hillary Clinton’s State Department and a President who was AWOL.

Bob Beckel made a great point about this.  Changing talking points under the press of events is the worst thing you can do.  Go with story, take the hit and move on.  People reward honesty and will forgive.  But change it and you’ll never, especially in this age of electronic records being preserved everywhere, get your fingerprints off it.  And this is what’s happening.  And so Hillary will, wind up having this stake driven through her chest.  Whether it hits her heart (and whether or not she has one) is another matter, but she’s going to bleed.

A larger point is that the American people should recoil at the very idea of “Talking Points.”  It’s just another name for “Party Line” as in the heyday of the U.S.S.R. when everybody had to mouth the same lies, stick to the same Communist Party Line.

The second confirmed something, is the fact that there are men out and about still motivated by patriotism and the example of bravery.  Just not our leaders.

But we once had leaders determined to do their duty and it’s wise to remember what they were like.  Leaders who didn’t blow off the idea of doing their duty like Hillary Clinton did when she made two plump little fists and whooshed “what difference does it make?”

One example is the ordeal of Fort Stanwix in the early days of the American Revolution.  Stanwix was located west of Albany New York in the Mohawk Valley where Rome New York is now.  England was trying to invade New York from three directions and so sunder the united colonies into two.  A huge army was moving north from Manhattan, a large force south along the Champlain corridor from Canada and a third east up the Mohawk.  Stanwix blocked the Mohawk move and a relieving force under General Herkimer had just been shot to pieces and had to withdraw and so Stanwix was on its own, outnumbered, outgunned and without any chance of supply.  Worse it looked like the other two arms of advance had already succeeded and so ST Leger the British Commander sent an emissary into the fort, explained all this and demanded its surrender. 

The response from Lieutenant Colonel Willet was in writing and a bit too long to repeat here, but allow me to quote the salient lines:

“We are doing our duty: this garrison in committed to our charge, and we will take care of it.  After you get out of it, you may turn around and look at its outside, but never expect to come in again, unless you come a prisoner.”

And the British grew afraid, and fled.

But no enemy will ever flee Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, because when it comes to their duty to their garrison, to their people, their conviction is, “what difference will it make?”