Walk Thru The Door And See What You Find There

With his recent American Thinker piece The Sin of ‘Racism’ Selwyn Duke opened a door it would serve every Conservative well to walk thru.  Because not only is the term ‘racist’ an “invention of leftist language manipulators”  it’s meant to, and does, shut down the Conservatism’s transcendent argument.

The superiority of Anglo-Saxon culture.

Moses and the prophets, Greece, Rome, Jesus Christ as Lord, Boadicea, King Arthur and the Round Table, 1066, the Magna Carta, the first Bill-of-Rights 1689 in England laying down the free rights of Englishmen, Shakespeare, children’s stories, the concept that incorruptible judges are the “Lions Under The Throne”, Pilgrims and then the Mayflower Compact, Jamestown, the Declaration, Revolution and Constitution, breaking a continent and making it livable, … mine eyes have seen the coming of the Lord …, sound money, enterprise free from government control, Jazz, Blues, Rock n’ Roll, Johnny Cash, Shelby Foote, “Remember – Cherry Valley, The Maine, Pearl Harbor, 9/11.”

That culture.

A lily white later shot through with African blackness set of values, principles, beliefs and song which conquered the world.  And even as it fires are allowed to die out a culture which continues as an engineer would say, to over-shoot – dress tens of millions of new non-western peoples in western clothes, eat western foods, surround themselves with western furniture and art, aspire to western freedoms and often, certainly by the tens of millions in China, to convert to Christianity.

And speak English, not necessarily as a first language but as the language of refinement and status.  Much as the once ubiquitous Latin held sway among the learned in Europe.

But a culture which no sooner launched itself on the world when western liberal intellectuals in a straight line from Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Karl Marx, Friedrich Nietzsche to Bertrand Russell, Jean Paul-Sartre and any number of latter day poseurs set about disassembling it.  A group whose acolytes sometime mid-twentieth century realized that their task of destroying western civilization would be much simpler if the freedom loving could not use the economic and spiritual success of that culture as an argument in favor of future generations choosing its values and principles.