Val Kilmer

kilmer-valI have no special insight into Val Kilmer’s life.  But he’s been ill as you can see from this recent photo.  He’s also 57 years old something which I find it hard to credit.  I wish him well.  To me he deserved an Oscar for one of my top ten favorite movies – The Ghost And The Darkness an adaptation of the story of the Tsavo Lions (look it up) one of the most terrifying encounters with predators in the annals of man.

What are my ten favorite movies?

As Good As It Gets

My Cousin Vinny

The Ghost And The Darkness


The Private World Of Henry Orient


Lonely Are The Brave  (Kirk Douglas, Walter Mattau, Carroll O’Conner, George Kennedy and Bill Raisch as the one-armed barroom brawler who kicks Kirk Douglas’ ass – you’ll never see a cast like that again.)

The Outlaw Josie Wales (Chief Dan George is spectacular and is the main reason I like the movie as much as I do)

Sands Of Iwo Jima


Note: List subject to revision as bits and snatches of my memory return.