Update On Thumb-Sucking Puzzled

From DM Thursday 24 March 2016

A report in the Daily Mail here has it that Belgian Anti-Terror police didn’t question terrorist Salah Abdeslam for more than one hour in the four days since he was captured because he was “tired” (after murdering 34 people at the Brussels Airport).

From DM Friday, March 25, 2016

A catastrophic police blunder allowed Paris bomber Salah Abdeslam to remain at large for more than three months, Belgian police have admitted.

A dedicated beat officer gave information about the whereabouts of Abdeslam to superiors on December 7 and urged them to pass it on to the country’s anti-terrorist police.

But the confidential report – which cited the address 79 rue des Quatre Vents, Molenbeek, where Abdeslam was finally apprehended – was inexplicably not passed onto the federal bureau.

His RIR ‘Informative Report’ remained on the shelves at the Malines Police headquarters instead.

This was while Abdeslam was Europe’s most wanted man as the most high-profile fugitive of the Paris terror attacks that killed 130.

From DM 3/26/2016

EU Political Correctness makes it more difficult to fight terrorism say formr CIA director and head of Britain’s M!5 read it here.