An AP piece today describes the negative reaction by some Japanese to the release of Mrs. Pitt’s movie Unbroken depicting the horrible treatment visited upon allied prisoners of war by the Japanese army during World War II.  I quote two paragraphs below.

But the release of “Unbroken” comes at a time when some in Japan are downplaying the Using Live Prisoners for Bayonet Practicecountry’s colonization of its Asian neighbors and the aggressive act[s] carried out by the Imperial Army during World War II.

For example, some politicians dispute the role of Japanese soldiers in the Rape of Nanjing, (seen in the photo to the left bayoneting Chinese who had their hands tied behind their back for sport) which began in 1937,[and]  in which 300,000 Chinese were killed. They say that is a vast overcount.

This argument about an overcount is an old one so desirous of putting the issue to bed once and for all for the readers of this blog I consulted several experts and the consensus seems to be that 300,000 murders by Japanese soldiers in Nanking is in fact an overcount.  That the real number is 299, 998.