Two Immans Murdered in NYC – Moslems Blame Trump

Two Immans were murdered in Ozone Park yesterday shot execution style on the street after that dry face washing prayer thing of theirs during which women are segregated and have to shut up.

suspect in murder of immansFollowing the killings thousands of Moslems gathered in the street to protest while blaming Trump. Puzzling because if a follower of Trump shot them this would make the two martyrs who would have immediately ascended into heaven where they would spend eternity raping virgins.  So it strikes me that if they really believed this was a “hate” crime they should have been celebrating instead. Breaking out the peach brandy they insist is alcohol free  and roasting a goat right there on the sidewalk in Queens.

However if a Trumper shot them he had to have been one of those rare swarthy Moslem looking followers of The Donald because the NYPD, who is often very good at this, released a sketch.

UPDATE:  Police arrested a Hispanic who apparently assassinated them in revenge for an earlier Moslem attack on Hispanics.  The story continues to reveal itself.

UPDATE:  Witnesses could not pick the suspect out of a line-up and apparently the sketch shows glasses he didn’t wear.  So despite being confirmed at the scene by a traffic accident this guy might walk.