Trey Gowdy For President

Once upon a time, the American people didn’t  expect to get stuck with Obamacare.  After all with more than fifty percent of us and more than fifty percent of our elected representatives (in the beginning) opposed – how could such a thing happen?  But there’s been a lot of water under the bridge since and our initial naiveté has evolved into a much more realistic view of politics.   We now know that if the Left-Wing Liberal power structure gets the chance to put another notch in their gun they’ll pull the trigger no matter how many innocent people wind up shot.  No matter how many of their own party they have to bribe or threaten, no matter how much they have to lie about what they’re doing or no matter how many stories they have to make up about other people’s motives. 

Sadly we also learned that the Republican party establishment only breaths the  air bubbles trapped under the Democrat party’s ice.   And so despite the election of 2010 the best we can get out of them are meaningless votes to repeal Obamacare when the one effective blow they could have struck in the House Of Representatives was to defund it and they wouldn’t.  Because they’re afraid.

Well except for the seventy or so TEA party congressmen and except for Trey Gowdy, 4th District, South Carolina.  This guy might just be the one guy to help the Republican find it soul, voice and courage.

Listen to this man speak and you’ll see why he’ll chop Hillary up for fish bait in the debates.

One thought on “Trey Gowdy For President

  1. I’ve been very impressed with Mr. Gowdy. I love the way he cuts through the BS and just asks simple, direct questions. There’s not a lot of that coming out of DC these days.

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