Trees Are Racist

From Frontpage Magazine today click here for the complete article:

Alcee Hastings, an impeached judge, and a coalition of minority groups is demanding increased “inclusiveness” at national parks. High on their list is the claim that, “African-Americans have felt unwelcome and even fearful in federal parklands during our nation’s history because of the horrors of lynching.”  What do national parks have to do with lynchings? Many national parks have trees. People were hung from trees. It’s racial guilt by arboreal association. Trees are racist down to their roots.

Meanwhile as you can see from two blog pots back Don The Wood Man is out in my backyard cutting down those nasty trees in order to give me a view of the mountains and so, although he does not know it, doing his part to further racial justice.

And just in case you’re wondering – yes U.S. Government is pushing this line (through the Forest Service’s spokesmen) and so yes the inmates are definitely running the insane asylum.