Will Tor Sapienza Come To The U.S.

From The Daily Beast 11/14/2014

This week, the residents of Tor Sapienza [a neighborhood in Rome] reached their boiling point, according to Tomasso Ippoliti, the district’s committee president. For several nights in a row, the residents tried to chase out the migrants and refugees using archaic torand disturbing language against “blacks,” “gypsies,” “dirty Arabs” and “disgusting Muslims.” They threw rocks, bottles, and paper bombs at the euphemistically named “Smile Welcome Center” that houses a segment of unaccompanied minors who have come to Italy from North Africa on rickety boats. They also torched garbage bins, broke the windows of police cars, and waged the sort of urban warfare Romans haven’t seen for decades.

Protestors shouted “Long Live Il Duce,” in a nod to Benito Mussolini’s fascist immigration policies. They also yelled, “Out all blacks,” “Enough foreigners,” and “This isn’t racism; this is fear.” Their goal? To cleanse the neighborhood of anyone who isn’t an Italian citizen. They nearly succeeded.

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