This Is The Sort Of Thing Which Gets Me Death Threat From Daily Mail Readers

Today the Daily Mail had a piece with lots of photo on a vicious swan attacking boaters on the River Cam in Britain.  You can read it here.

Vicious SwanAs you may know the Brits are animal fanatics and the comment column was full of pieces saying that the nasty humans were getting what they deserve for invading the swan’s territory.

So I sent in the following which was posted and then hurriedly removed when it triggered a firestorm of invective:

I had a vicious goose some years ago called Pauline whom I was reluctant to kill because to tell you the truth cleaning and plucking a big goose is a pain in the butt.  Then I found a farmer’s daughter who obliged for $20.  Pauline was a great feature slow roasted over an open fire at the next  summer barbecue.  My only regret is that I didn’t stuff her with oysters and chestnuts.