The Stupid Party

Governor Bobby Jindal recently criticized Mitt Romney for saying that Barack Obama gifted certain elements of the electorate in order to win reelection.  Not because it’s isn’t true but because, as near as I can understand, Governor Jindal feels stigmatizing certain people narrows the appeal of the Republican message.  Well he’s wrong and proves himself wrong by calling his party “the stupid party” one of many words and phrases the Democrat party uses to stigmatize Republicans, broaden their own appeal and so win more elections than Bobby Jindal’s party.

Governor please, hit yourself alongside your head, and shake it out the other ear.

Ostracism and ridicule and is counterpoint inclusion and praise is the first line of defense which any human social activity, indeed every human culture erects to defend itself and triumph.  To abandon these tools to your opposition is in itself stupid.

Democrats understand this.  Obama is made to seem cool for young voters and so they’re made to feel cool themselves by voting for him.  Marxism in seen as trendy for academics and so somehow they’re trendy too by climbing on that bus.  Keynesian monetary manipulation is de rigor for most economists and they demonstrate the illusion of cool rigor of mind by embracing it.  All in all demonstrating over and over again the same phenomena in which high schoolers adopt the clothing and hair styles, body piercing and tattoos of rock stars in the urge to portray themselves as au courant (although they probably wouldn’t know what that word meant.)

It’s ignorant, self and socially destructive but it’s the way people are.  That motivation is why parents wear safari clothing to their children’s Saturday morning soccer games, it’s why many of them prefer to enroll their children in soccer than Little League or drive them all over the world all week long to “play-dates” rather than encourage them to walk to a scout meeting in the basement of the church down the block. Because they want to preen themselves in front of other soccer and play-date parents, demonstrate a “concerned involvement in their child’s outcome” one young mother told me which when translated means, if it means anything at all,  acting like Meg Ryan would act if she played a parent living on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.  Cool, sophisticated, with it, engaged.

And Republicans haven’t a shot if they can’t convince at least some of these clueless folks that they’re going dateless on Prom Night if they keep choosing their outwear from that geeky Democrat party spring sales catalog.

That 1960s Hippies are “so over.”  That union leaders are scratchy 78 rpm vinyl records stuck on the same song.  That understanding the democrat’s economic plan is like trying to fathom the thinking of a bowl of fruit.  That Liberals have ideas so old that younger ones have been found in Egyptian tombs.  That Harry Reid has the face of a dented pie plate and all the charm of a colostomy bag and that there’s little left in Candy Crowley’s life besides potato salad.


Above all that society is divided into winners and losers and Left-Wing Liberal voters are losers.  And that’s not cool.  That people who can play a musical instrument well are cool, that cowboys are cool, hunters are cool, guys who start businesses and get rich are cool, that Dads in the home are and single mothers are not because unless they’re widows their spiritual home is a public housing project.  That you can always pick Conservative women out of a crowd because they’re better looking, better dressed, smarter and always do something with their hair which is really cool.  That food stamps shouldn’t allow those calories laden edible food-like substances sold in the center aisles of supermarkets because welfare recipients might slim down, look at themselves in the mirror and maybe go out and get a job.  And that would be really, really cool.


Voters have to be convinced that freedom is cool too.  A member of my American Legion post who landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day stares down a building inspector who wanted to cite him for burning a small pile of autumn leaves in the same spot in his back yard where he’s burned them for sixty years, and then laughs at his back, now that’s cool.  Ford Motor Company saying they don’t any taxpayer money and the strings that go with it, that’s cool.  Entrepreneurs walking the Overland Trail backwards to leave onerous taxes and a legion of officious interfering bureaucrats behind, that’s cool.  Telling the government that you won’t pay their levies so that they can pay their voters is cool.  Taking your child out of a government school in order to give them a real education at your kitchen table, that’s cool.  Shooting a burglar dead, building your own house, discovering a new medicine, learning how to read ancient Greek are alls cool.  Mastering the art of Zen and not giving a rat’s-ass how your neighbors think, memorizing the Constitution, tossing most of the present federal government and its laws, regulation and taxes into the toilet by voting Republican is so cool you might have to start a new magazine just to put yourself of the cover of every issue.


And the only way to do that is by the labeling the opposite behaviors as uncool.  With ostracism and ridicule.  Just like a child labeling another a “cheater” when he or she breaks the rules of a game, by a mother telling a child they’re acting like an idiot, by a District Attorney indicting someone as a thief.  By Republican labeling Democrats the Daffy Duck party.


The very formation of the Republic depended upon ostracism and ridicule by moving people who didn’t want to be labeled “summer soldiers” or “sunshine patriots.” By people not wanting to be called “Tories”, “Traitors” or “Ministerial Slaves.”

There’s lots of names to choose from.  Personally I’ve always like Welfare Queen.  But perhaps it’s better to target the anonymous liberal-leaning voter by coming in from the flank with a the right label.

Like my friend Lois who in the election run up walked over and knocked on her neighbor Mary’s front door.  Whereupon something like the following conversation ensued.

“Mary I’d like to talk to you about something very, very important.”

“Yes Lois” Mary answered, “what is it?”

“Well if a pimp keeps trying to entice your daughter into his trade you’d want to know about it wouldn’t you?”

“WHAT” Mary gasped, “what’s happening with my daughter?”

“Only this Mary, that an ugly pimp keeps whispering in your daughter’s ear at school, out with her friends, especially on TV or in the movies that it’s okay to sleep with a lot of no-name guys.  That it’s okay because he’ll pay for the abortion and make sure your Mom doesn’t find out.  Or if she wants to keep the baby that’s okay too, maybe even better because then she can move out of your house because he’ll give her a check each month, not a lot but he’ll give her another one for her own apartment, a food allowance too, free medical care even a free cell phone he’ll pay the bill for?”

“I’m dialing 911 right now.  Who is this person?” Mary demanded.

“It’s the Left-Wing Liberal pimp you keep voting for Mary.”


“Mary I’m just very concerned.  You don’t want your daughter to become a welfare queen so why do you keep voting for those who see nothing wrong with transforming her into one.  Keep voting for those disgusting, immoral pimps who keep enticing your daughter to become just that.  Who entice other mother’s daughters to become just that, single mother losers on the dole.  Good for nothing parasites whose only contribution to society is a body temperature of 98.6.  I know you want more for your daughter than that.”

Well you know what happened.  Mary threw Lois out of her house.  Lois gets thrown out of a lot of houses.  But what’s the backlash?  For one thing Mary will hesitate just that little bit before she pulls that democrat lever again.  Maybe never pull it again if she start to hear something like that from other people or on TV because she doesn’t want to be ridiculed.  And she loves her daughter.

Lois and Republicans like her, not Bobby Jindal’s excess of caution, which give me heart.

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