The Miracle After The Flood

Catskill MT FloodIn England people in the north and in the U.S. people in the South are experiencing horrific floods. But from experience I have to tell you that water is not the biggest trial they’ll face.  Some years ago the Catskill Mountain region in New York suffered a similar inundation in the aftermath of a hurricane.  Dozens and dozens of houses were swept off, one entire town obliterated, a week later the Sheriff’s Department was still looking for a big steel girdered bridge and never found it and people were without services for weeks.  But as soon as the worst was over the government flew in dozens and dozens of neatly dressed (and very dry) inspectors who set up in the few hotel rooms available in spots with power, rented hundreds of cars and Catkill MT FLood3pick-up trucks and took off across the region demanding that our tough but exhausted local road crews and our rugged entirely volunteer and unpaid local fire departments as well as local police agencies and rescue squads attest under penalty of the law that they only used approved health and safety methods to rescue people or open the Catskill MT Flood2roads.  Requirements which included federally approved eye and ear protection when operating chain saws or certifying that workers had first completed mandatory sensitivity training courses so the rights of minorities were respected.  Meanwhile despite the fact that not one of their people had as much as dragged a tree branch off a highway or helped feed a child at a shelter the Feds held one press conference after another bragging how they had “partnered” with local authorities to restore the area.  In retrospect it’s amazing that none of their people were thrown into the still swollen mountain rivers.

And that’s the miracle after the flood.