The Hive Breaking Up

Searching for the right term to describe the MSM beginning to turn on Hillary?  Fritz Pettyjohn nails it with The Hive Breaking Up With Bill and Hillary? in American Thinker today.  Unfortunately he can’t let go of a good thing and uses “Hive” more than a couple of times in his piece.  This is called “echo” and readers hate it.  William F. Buckley once described it as taking the ginger out and Eric Arthur Blair (George Orwell) had a lot to say about it too.  Tell me what you think after you read the piece here.  In this matter as in many others, less is more.

Having said all that, maybe a tad too snidely, let’s understand that Fritz Pettyjohn’s article may have a couple of extra ears sewn on but it’s alive and up walking around knocking bric-a-brac off the Leftist’s mantle.