The Eventual Fate Of The Moslems In Germany

Whither Germany?

Well, cultures have enormous staying power.  A fact which tells that the Moslems are not going to assimilate In Germany any time soon.  But also that neither are the Germans going to embrace to Merkel’s fever dream of diversity.  And so as long as the Germans are in the majority in the German homeland you may rest assured that sooner or later, after maybe decades of lumps and bumps, the majority will shrug its shoulders and the Moslems are going to have to go, to “hell or Connaught” as the saying used to be.

Many are puzzled why the current leaders cannot see that reality and stop setting Germany up for a race war in the future.  The answer is that they are Intellectuals and glory in the term because in their own minds it means somebody who’s terribly smart and concerned with what they consider the transcendent opinion issues of caring, fairness and acceptance (but not you will notice if you listen to them the real world of right and wrong, loyalty, property or freedom).  But in fact they’re not even all that smart and often awfully silly.  Indeed the word Intellectual means someone who relies primarily on their intellect unaided by emotion or experience.  And emotion aside you have to be something of a congenital idiot not to allow experience, both yours and others, guide you in whatever you attempt in life.   But hypnotized by their imaginary world  when forced to confront reality, their reaction is much like David Mamet’s childlike liberal friend who famously tried to argue his way out of that confrontation by complaining “but that’s not the way we want it to be.”