The Empire Strikes Back

untitledIn reading Maureen Dowd’s column yesterday about the interrogation of Hillary Clinton by the Benghazi Committee entitled The Empire Strikes Back we find that Hillary Pillory bragged about managing embassies in 270 countries.

And because nobody except my most fevered fans will call your attention to it here’s my comment in the NYT on-line:

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Why do we need embassies in 270 countries? What does that cost?  If these places need something from  the U.S. they can write us a letter and so if we feel we have to respond we’re only out the cost of a stamp.  This would mean American tourists would be on their own you say, well guess what with the way these arrogant embassies operate they already are.  An added benefit to closing these embassies is that when the third world ‘street’ wants to protest and burn the American Flag the object of their affections will have to be their the local McDonald’s or KFC.