The Emerging Butterfly In Our Lives

Daily Mail today – “Parents who deny their children independence are creating a generation incapable of dealing with failure, a leading neuroscientist has warned.”

“A trend over the past two decades towards ‘wrapping children in cotton wool’ is leaving them struggling to cope with setbacks in their teenage years and adult life.”

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butterflyWe all know this to be true.  Most of us, well many of us anyway, learned in grade school science that it’s wrong to help a butterfly emerge from its cocoon because the struggle involved strengthens the thing enough to spread its wings.

Yet we have to keep learning the same lesson over and over again every few generations like the storied elevator operator who kept getting fired because he kept forgetting his route.

Strong independent children is our route as parents and grandparents and so we have to take them to the right floor.

The situation is confusing because some  children will develop strong and independent no matter what we do and some won’t.  So beware of anecdotal parenting advice.  Instead it’s a general rule TO LET THEM STRUGGLE with as much as your conscience allows and then some.   All the while of course, inspiring them.