The Ecotopianists Are Still At Work

The left-wing Guardian newspaper (UK)is running an international campaign entitled Keep It In The Ground.  In other words no oil, coal, natural gas and I guess peat in order to fight “Climate Change.”

As usual the Left-Wing Ecotopianists ies can’t win on common sense so portray the issue as complex, maybe too much so for us boobies to understand until of course, they patiently explain it to us.

Here’s a selection from today’s lead-off piece opining why people invest in shares in the energy extraction industries:

“… We could ascribe all of these investments to some kind of misplaced avarice. But that doesn’t make sense: it is not as if buying shares in these companies is some kind of “get rich quick” scheme. Indeed, oil and gas companies have significantly underperformed on the market as a whole over one year, three years, five, even 10 years. The real answer is more a complicated case of priorities, politics, pragmatism and portfolios.”

No it isn’t you febrile wart-brain!  It’s about keeping warm in the winter, keeping the lights on, our machines running and getting from point A to point B.