The Death Of Eric Garner

Sometimes the obvious has to stare us in the face a long time before we get it.

And the obvious we should draw from the death of Eric Garner, is not that it was racist which it wasn’t – not with an African-American Police Sergeant in charge of the scene – but that you can’t fight with morbidly obese people the way you do with healthy people.

Just putting them face down on the ground will shove their belly up into their diaphragm and kill them, indeed people like that have to sleep on their side for the same reason. And you can’t taze them because it is much more likely to stop their heart.

What to do with really fat perpetrators?  I dunno.   I would guess put the same number of officers on the job but focus on wrestling his wrists into the cuffs upright.  And not ever  kneel on their backs.