The Biter Bit

The DM reports here that the U.S. Special Forces developed an IED that could not be traced to them in order to dispatch Iranians who entered Iraq in order to help insurgents kill Americans while giving the impression that they were being targeted by other Iraqis.

This is a great story – a case of the biter bit.  My favorite one of these was back in the seventies when the ANC was throwing hand grenades into cafes and school rooms in South Africa.  An informant watched some terrorists hide cases of hand grenades in the bush.  The South African police retrieved them, altered the fuses from 5-7 seconds to m67-grenade_2zero seconds, returned them to their hiding place and for a year ANC killers were blowing themselves up one by one up and down the country.  The best part being when an ANC cadre leader became convinced that these “mishaps” could be corrected with the proper instruction in how to use a hand grenade.  So and he took a group of would-be assassins out into the countryside with some grenades and carefully explaining what he was doing step by step took one, pulled the pin, released the spoon and blew little chunks of himself all over his watching students.