Take Not Counsel Of Your Fears

Mid-week a photograph on the Internet triggered an idea for an American Thinker Piece and I spent an intensive eight hours writing.  Then because I’ve learned to do this I put it aside for 24 hours and returned to it with a critical eye (everybody needs an editor) decided it was fantastic and in an ebullient mood send it off.  An hour later I wished I could retrieve it because after further reflection I had decided it was crap.  That it could only be salvaged by scrapping the first three paragraphs and making some other major changes and was on the point of e-mailing J.R. Dunn at AT asking him to discard the thing and I’d try to do better.  But before I could send it an e-mail came in from the gentlemen saying readers would enjoy it and they were putting it up on Saturday.  I cringed then slowly reasoned that it Dunn liked it there must be something good in it although I still felt I was going to be embarrassed at submitting such a terrible piece of writing.

Saturday morning came and it did go up.  It’s entitled We Have Paris – here’s the link: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2015/03/we_still_have_paris.html

And on-line comments began to accumulate.  I include a sample below.  Lesson learned – remember what Stonewall Jackson said “take not counsel of your fears.”  Because in the first thirty of forty there wasn’t one who didn’t praise except for a conspiracy theorist talking about secret Russian ray-gun weapons.  Neither were there any negative e-mails coming in directly.  Just ones thanking me for writing it.

Alecto2 hours ago

There’s a French expression, “Un ami, c’est quelqu’un qui ne dit pas ‘Ou?’, quand tu dis ‘Viens!'” Roughly translated it means a friend is someone who doesn’t ask “where?” when you say “Come!” The meaning is that a friend is someone who knows you so well, your natures, your thoughts, are intertwined.

I have often thought the relationship between French and Americans is buried within it. When the colonies needed help to throw off the monarchy, the French came. When Nazis overran Paris, we came. I hope it may be ever thus.

Thanks for an uplifting, hope-filled piece!


SpeedMasteran hour ago

American Thinker always has great thought provoking articles, that said this is heads above the rest! Thank You Mr. Miniter.


jeazette2 hours ago

Thanks Mr. Miniter. When I read this I thought of my uncle who spent 18 months in a German POW camp and my father who was shot twice in Korea and I’m reminded of the many reasons that they suffered for America. It was not only for America, it was for the world.


Motown+Mike7 hours ago

Well said. You, sir, are an excellent writer.


oldguy2 hours ago

“Scrape” sounds like a perfect slogan for Americans to carry into the future. How about little poo scrapers held high in protest, you know, like “hands up”.


ncresident Strelnikoff36 minutes ago

Our military are the finest, greatest in the world. I still get chills whenever the F18s fly over our house singly or in exquisite formation, when I strain to see the far-off shadows of carriers in their Norfolk anchorages, or just a convoy of battered, camouflaged trucks filled with uniformed personnel.

Thank you for your service, sir. The world is a far better place with you in it.


mpact3 minutes ago

Sherwood, you beat me to the punch. Sitting here reading my daily AT, laughing out loud at “scrape this administration off our shoes”, how appropriate. Richard Miniter, I have always appreciated your articles. Semper fidelis, indeed.

2 thoughts on “Take Not Counsel Of Your Fears

  1. An Excellent piece.
    Let us redouble our efforts to put our house in order and elect a President who will recapture the respect of the world. I would like to see the USS Churchill carrying the Bust
    of that great man steam into Washington. The serving British Officer should have the honor of carrying it to the White House to be reinstalled in its rightful place in the Oval Office by Queen Elizabeth.

    God Bless the United States of America

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