Surprise, Surprise, Michael Rockefeller Eaten By Cannibals

savage harvestDaily Mail today reports the new book Savage Harvest make a very strong case that Michael Rockefeller the youngest son of Nelson former Vice President and long-term Governor of New York was eaten by cannibals on New Guinea.  Michael who was thought to have drowned (or maybe eaten by a huge sea-going crocodile – yes there are such things) off the coast of New Guinea on a mission to save the unique fauna and flora of that region, and its primitive art (for his own collection) in 1961 was swimming in a river when he waved to a passing group of cannibals who then speared him like a fish and had a cook-out.  New Guinea natives are we all know or should, are famously prone to such diversions.  Indeed some estimates are that in their chaotic retreat across the center of New Guinea in WW II  the Japanese army lost 900 men in just such a manner.

A Well fed CannibalBe that as it may it looks like Michael Rockefeller became the world’s first tree-hugger to be eaten by cannibals, and we can confidently expect, not the last.  Nor the last to be eaten by the bear, lions, alligators, sharks or jaguars they love or the wolves whom they insist, are just dogs who love to play in the woods, especially with children.