Stupid, Stupid, Stupid Juror B29

B29 of the Zimmerman jury went to on TV and accused George Zimmerman of being guilty of murder, only they didn’t have any proof and so had to acquit him.  How stupid is that?  She knows he’s a murderer, just doesn’t have any proof.  So how does she know?  “Everybody knows” she went on to say.

No you moron – everybody doesn’t know.  Especially when we look at the evidence, as you apparently did when you helped reach a unanimous verdict.  But now out here with people criticizing your decision suddenly you “know” he was guilty.  Then contrary wise when she was asked if she thought the charges should have been brought she answered “no.”

As I write this I’m pounding my head on my desk.



2 thoughts on “Stupid, Stupid, Stupid Juror B29

  1. Have you see the unedited interview? I have read in a couple of places where ABC edited the interview to give the wrong impression.

  2. We’re a nation of laws, not of men. Someone should have mentioned that to Juror B29 when she was seated in the jury box.

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