Stand-Up Guys

This was the month of stand-up guys in Washington.  Boehner and company caved in to Obama’s bluff about defaulting on the debt.  Mitch McConnell sold his soul for a two billion dollar sweetener.  Any number of senators who knew better studied their fingernails while Ted Cruz manned up for America.  Not one senior official resigned when ordered to barricade the World War II memorial against the veterans in wheelchairs, even braver men removed handles from water fountains so that children couldn’t get a drink .  Then the icing on the cake or as we used to say in the Marine Corps – the shit sandwich; four star generals and admirals enjoying lunch in Chuck Kogel’s executive dining room while little girls cried because Mommy was crying because Daddy was killed in Afghanistan and after the Defense Department told them to come to D.C. they were stuck in a motel room they had no way to pay for and maybe not any money to go out and eat.


And when the spokesman for the spokesman of the Secretary of Defense was asked about the families of the slain embarrassed in this fashion he blew it off with the hackneyed “talk to my lawyer” talk.  So much money pouring into so small an area benefiting so small a ruling class for so long a period of time it’s produced a disconnect so profound  the two ends aren’t in the same earth orbit any longer.