Gary James the owner of a restaurant in Enid Oklahoma  has gone very public about refusing to serve people on Welfare (Bloodsuckers), Gays(Faggots), the handicapped(Freaks) and various other classifications of people including Muslims.

I wonder if this is a spoof?  Several years ago there was a lonely out of the way town out west who advertised a Prairie Dog shooting contest and the PETA types inundated the place, booked all the hotel rooms, emptied the tanks at the filling stations dry, packed every restaurant.  The Mayor, a very sweet looking older woman, was questioned about why there didn’t seem to be any Prairie Dogs taken and said “shhh.  We’re hoping for even more protestors next year.”

Sometimes these get out of hand.  In the nineteen seventies patrons of The Egg’s Nest in High Falls New York took out full page advertisements in the local rag calling for a public demonstration to protest the Subway the town was preparing to build between the bar and the Trailways bus stop in Rosendale 4 miles away.  Then some of the other patrons authored ads in favor.  Somebody with time on his hands filled out the paperwork for a Federal Grant of 20 million dollars in order to construct this mass transit, Possum the man (a likeable guy who wore a big sombrero and drank a lot) who was identified as mayor in the grant application was interviewed, the local Congressman issued a press release saying that he was making every effort to have it included in the next budget, the newspaper had to print a notice that the issue was a gigantic spoof and everybody folded their tents.  Probably still laughing however.

Possum was killed several years later drunk in the wee hours wandering circles on state route 213 outside the bar.  R.I.P. Mayor – you never meant anybody any harm.  And if you had that subway to carry you home you would’ve lived to be hundred.