Somebody Read My Blog And Suggested I Get Some “Help”

I would but there are only four mental health “helps” that work: stopping drugs, stopping alcohol, getting your blood sugar under control, finding God and I already have all four bases covered.  The so-called therapeutic chemicals a psychiatrist prescribes merely create a quietly ticking bomb and if you consider to a psychotherapist for counseling you’re usually better off sniffing model airplane glue out of a brown paper bag.

Besides when  people say that to you what they really mean is that they’d like to administer electro19th century electr0-shock therapy to your head until you agree with them in every particular.  Or that they’d just like to keep zapping you until you start bleeding from all body orifices and then agree with them in every particular .  In short they’re not your friend and the last thing they want to see extended to you is any kindness.  So about the best you can do is buy them some of that airplane glue and a brown paper bag.