Solar Power And New Telsa Batteries

For those considering – here’s an interesting exchange from the comments section of the Daily Mail 4/22/15:

I lived off the grid in CA and it felt great to know that I didn’t need the power company. My 4’6′ solar cell charged some deep cycle marine batteries with an LP gas back up generator. Never needed the gen and I had satellite tv and internet, washer and dryer, refrigerator, swamp cooler. It’s the way to go in areas with lots of sunshine.

I’m going to call BS on your story. Even the most modern and most efficient solar panels today only produce 230 watts from a 4X8 panel with ideal sunlight. That’s not even enough to run the most efficient 14 cubic foot refrigerator, must less everything you listed. The most efficient 24″ LED televisions still consumer 80 watts. Satellite receiver is a minimum of 35 watts. Washing machine needs over 450 watts. I’m going to assume your dryer was gas because an electric one consumes over 4,500 watts per load. If your swamp cooler only had to cool a single 10X10 foot room then you could probably make due with a 60 watt unit.  … And you expect me to believe you ran ALL of this from one little 4X6 solar panel and never turned on the generator? Dream on. Your story isn’t even remotely possible.