Social Sciences In The Universities Are Nothing Resembling “Science”

Guest Editorial:

propagandaoftruth  ….

Honestly, when I took the National Teachers Exam for Social Studies many moons ago, I scored in the 99th percentile and I’ll tell you this…

Social sciences in the universities are nothing resembling “science”. They are the dumping ground for second rate SJW[?] future lawyers. Pseudo-scientific gibberish. And humanities and ejucayshun are even worse. Even business programs have been corrupted.

Unless you want an engineering or tech/hard sciences degree, you WILL end up thousands, tens of thousands of dollars in debt for being brainwashed with worthless ideology these days.

Better to spend those wasted years working and building up real skills – opportunity cost.

I hate this on so many levels, because I love the ideal of a scientific approach to non-hard sciences, believe such is possible and rarely practiced, but…

Channel [your] … Trump