Simple, Clear Immigration Policy

Here’s a look at how others nations handle the illegal immigrant issue from NotAnEskimo commenting in AmRen 04/22/15

NotAnEskimo • 3 hours ago

The Australian government has a simple, clear policy: No one who arrives by boat, without a visa, may ever settle in Australia.  The government produced a video of an Australian 3-star general making a very short and clear statement on that topic.  He made it clear, there are no exceptions, for children, families, educated people, for anyone.  Show up by boat without a visa, and you can never stay in Australia.

This video was then translated into all the major languages, like Arabic, Somali, Bengali, etc, and they put out flyers in the main feeder airports such as Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur.

What has been the result of this campaign?  Two results: First, immigrant boats and people smuggling to Australia, and therefore immigrant drownings, have stopped.  Not just gone down, they have stopped.  No one tries to go to Australia by boat without a visa, because he will end up in a miserable detention camp in Nauru (a miserable third world island), or he will end up back home, but he will not end up in Australia.  Australia has contracted with Nauru, Christmas Islands, and PNG to serve as detention centers.  These are miserable, awful third world islands desperate for money, so they make excellent detention centers.

The other result is much weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth of liberal white-hating Australians.  Fortunately there are not enough of those to overturn the policy.

If Europe had a similar policy, that NO ONE who enters Europe without a visa will EVER be able to remain in Europe, and anyone who does will be either sent home, or sent to a miserable contract detention center, the arrivals would stop.

Israel does something similar.  They have a miserable detention center in the desert, and they contract with Uganda for detention, and consequently, no one comes to Israel anymore, even though it’s a short land trip from the worst countries in Africa.