Sean Penn Is Toast

I have about as much interest in Sean Penn and El Chapo as I do the question of what happened to the big red spot on Jupiter.  But the thought has struck me, as it will have might Penn, that if Sean led the authorities to El Chapo then Sean’s life is worth about as much as a thimble of warm spit.  Chapo is a guy who has women Police Chiefs in Mexico raped and butchered in the desert on the off chance they might look sideways at his boys.  Who never forgets a grudge or lets one reach old age.  Who has people who betray him, even by accident, dismembered with chainsaws.  Of course El Chapo might be a big Sean Penn fan and let it slide, stranger things have happened.

Naw, he’s is toast.

See the previous post for a more uplifting issue.

One thought on “Sean Penn Is Toast

  1. We should be so lucky that Sean Penn disappears into the wilderness of Mexico. Score one for the world

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