Roy Nagin

Roy Nagin former Mayor of New Orleans and Mayor during Katrina was both inept during that historic blow and just convicted of accepting bribes, apparently corrupt. 

I’ve always felt a whimsical pull to that city because Miniters emigrated to both Boston and New Orleans during the great exodus from Ireland in 1848-52 and so there might have gone I.  We lost contact with those sisters, brothers and cousins except we learned that John Patrick Miniter 23 years old, a seaman during peace, fought with the 1st Louisiana, Nelligan’s Brigade under Stonewall Jackson during the Civil War and was killed at 2nd Manassas at the Deep Cut.  The very spot where the South held the forever charging Union lines all that day, so on the next Longstreet could roll up their lines and give Robert E. Lee one of the brightest hours in the short day of the Confederacy.

I can walk you to the spot where he died among his comrades and where I have scattered Shamrock seeds.  An experience which has made a big part of me into a southern partisan.

Now Louisiana politics has always been corrupt Bobby Jindal excepted (I hope) and Nagin’s behavior when George Bush visited was disgraceful.

But in his conviction, indeed his destruction, he has evinced grace and acceptance, acquired in my eyes at least – eminent class.

Vaya Con Dios Mayor Nagin