Slavery Reparations?

In the Guardian today – Stone Pillow on reparations for slavery:

slaves-persons-not-propertyIf Blacks living today are owed reparations for slavery from Whites living, that is if there is a balance sheet between races in which monies should be paid out for injustices where does the concept end? Can Whites today be compensated for the huge amount of assault, rape and murder perpetrated against them by Blacks today?  And just what is a liable “White?”  Obviously the definition cannot include Italians who weren’t around in antebellum America, or Lebanese, Armenians or Russians.  A branch of my family owned slaves in Virginia despite being poor Irish immigrants earlier and another branch came to New York where they became ship chandlers.  Both sending sons to die in the Civil War fighting for respectively the South and North.  So am I half liable?  Most of my grandchildren are part Oriental – what do they owe?  Recent Black immigrants from Central Africa are descendants of the Blacks who sold the slaves destined for America to Whites.  Why should I pay them compensation?  Shouldn’t they pay other Blacks before I part with a dime?  Theirs after all was the original sin?  Going down this road is insane.