Random Thoughts About What A Woman Can Do To Ensure A Happy Marriage

Random Thoughts About What A Woman Can Do – Under the “why should I buy the cow when the milk was free?” rule it’s always a mistake to move in with the guy without tying the knot.  Large families were an enormous benefit as a women had big brothers to beat the crap out of the husband cheating on her.  Before you marry a man get an objective third party opinion in writing about his ability to provide and as a wake-up call it wouldn’t hurt to wave this document in the face of any guy you take a pass on (then again you don’t owe losers anything.)  Go for solemnity rather than party time at your Male Female Happinesswedding because it’s always easier to back up than back on.  I leave it to your imagination but think about what you could do before he leaves the house each day in order to make it much more difficult for him to even consider patting another woman’s butt.  Always stroke his little ego.  Avoid any man who phones his mother each day or keeps a framed 8 x 10 glossy of her out in the living room or worse on his nightstand.  Brag about him to other people when he can hear.  Cut his hair yourself (yes you can learn.)  Wait for him to open doors for you.  Don’t take any shit – if you’re a doormat he will wipe his feet on you because he’ll figure that’s what you’re telling him you’re for.  Don’t try to change him and never short-change him.  Or yourself.  Stay slim and make him stay slim even if you have to chase him away from the refrigerator with dogs and a red hot poker. Don’t try to learn anything about the sports he loves to watch on TV, you’re not very interested and no matter what he says he’ll resent it.  Always say it nice the first time.  Yes he needs a workshop – even if he’s a klutz, maybe even more so if he’s a klutz.