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Anthony Bryan writing in American Renaissance http://www.amren.com/


exhaust“Our rulers don’t seem to understand … that white people aren’t out to get black people; they are just exhausted with them. They are exhausted by the social pathologies, the violence, the endless complaints, the blind racial solidarity, the bottomless pit of grievances, the excuses, the reflexive animosity. The elites [that] explain everything with racism, …”




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  1. I thought that I was the only one who ‘felt’ that way. You speak for many. You have a larger audience than you know.

    • The feeling is very general it’s just that there’s a reluctance to speak out, a barrier which seems to be falling.

  2. The obscured cause behind the motive behind the attack on the white population is the “principal-agent” and/or “master-servant” relationship between the People and government – who is the “master” and who is the “servant”?

    This country was founded by former English colonists (white English speaking Christians), not for everyone in the world but “For themselves and Their Posterity” only, consistent with the legal definition of “nation”, an extended “family”.

    The word “People” found in our constitutions is a legal “word of art” that does not include everyone that is there, it has a restrictive specific technical meaning. Our Supreme Court has given us an elaborate treatise on “citizenship” explaining this in detail.

    Citizenship was originally found only in the States. The “People” of that State were identified in the Elective Franchise section of every original State Constitution. Only white people could be admitted to citizenship and the right to vote and hold public office (exercises of sovereignty) were limited only to white people.

    State Constitutions state that “….all political power is inherent in the People”, identifying these “People” as government’s sovereign “principal-master” and source of government’s authority. The unalienable “rights” of the State citizens came from Nature and Nature’s God which existed long before the state came into existence. The “People” were not “subject” to the authority of their public “servants”.

    The 14th Amendment after the Civil War established an “after-market” America on the federal level with a corresponding new federal “subject” citizenship in order to accommodate the freed slaves. 14th Amendment created federal citizens are government created “subjects” (“subject” to the jurisdiction thereof), the “agent” in relation to government. They exist to serve their government creator-master and need permission from Congress (government) for everything they do.

    “Subject” citizens do not have God given “natural” rights, theirs derive from the statute creating their citizenship (Civil Rights Act of 1866, et seq.). “Subjects” only have such rights as government (Congress) chooses to “grant” them.

    This country was not founded for 14th Amendment statutory minorities, they have been legally adopted into another’s political family – AS A PRIVILEGE. Their very existence, being a privilege, is therefor a taxable event. They have no unalienable absolute natural rights protecting them from government (the “master” in their case). Their statutory “civil rights” are derived from Congress and are whatever Congress decrees them to be.

    Government is disposing (has disposed) of its “master”. “Subject” citizens are a source of unrestrained taxation. Only the white sovereign State citizen has the status of “principal” over government and can, under the Law of Agency, correct unlawful acts and usurpation of authority of the public “servant”. Which one of the two citizens is which?

    This is what government does not want us to know.

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