Program Update

I have never been a gym rat.  But after the latest heart issue the Cardiologist prescribed a twenty week program of Cardiac rehab.  I had been to one of these programs before at one hospital and wasn’t all that impressed or able to see much difference in my strength and stamina.

In particular my strength because I hadn’t any after spending two years mostly in bed,  Heart problems followed a severe bout of Lyme disease, then a very bad and extremely painful case of Shingles, then another couple of months twisting and turning in agony from more Lyme followed by three hospitalization for heart issues.

But then a new program in a new hospital with a very impressive gym.  Three days a week warm-up, four long sessions on Cardiac equipment followed by four at different weight stations then aggressive stretching.  Constant monitoring by a Trainer and a Cardiac RN.

So I’m twelve weeks into the program when my wife backs up to the house with a box of ten reams of copy paper in it.  “I’ll help” I said and she said “okay I get a pair of scissors, cut the bands and we can carry it in a couple of reams at a time.”

But unconsciously I reach in, pluck out the full case then carry it in.

So I guess it’s working.

And I’m a gym rat after all.