Program Update

This Friday is my thirty-sixth hospital gym session. An hour on four cardio stations, an hour on four weight stations supervised by a cardiac nurse and a trainer. Three sessions a week for 12 weeks and the workload on those stations increase as your body responds to the expenditure of energy. Tough program and about ninety percent of those in my age category drop out. I didn’t because I never thought about the Gymcomplete program only getting through the next station. Plus I hate whiners. I have to tell you I feel pretty good and have gotten a lot stronger – I’m not thirty years old again but stronger. On Monday I go back to the Lab for re-evaluation and then I begin the program again with the cardio and weight basically staying where they are while I focus on weight loss and muscle mass increase. I’m roughly thirty pounds under my high right now and hopefully at the end of these upcoming twelve weeks I will have dropped another fifty putting me under two hundred in time for Thanksgiving which this year my wife and I are having with my oldest son in London. (Yes they eat Thanksgiving dinner in England – more and more people each year. It’s a cultural spread like the atheist government in Beijing celebrating Christmas with massive public displays.)

Then I’m thinking about the Texas Boot Camp at Rancho Cortez. (Google it) and what I’d like to do after Rancho Cortez is pay my fifteen dollars and go down The Royal Flush, the gigantic new water slide which just opened outside Waco.

Long story short if you’re in really shitty physical shape and overweight (really overweight) like I was after all my travails – don’t think you can get back on your own. It’s much simpler to get into a professionally run program, make friends with the staff and others, then take it one day at a time. My program at a super gym in a hospital is very expensive but insurance picks up most of the cost.

Plus being in a hospital to begin with means that if you go into cardiac arrest there’s a crash cart there right next to you.

Which is a great comfort.