On White Privilege And Disparate Outcome


Reading To A ChildLeft-Wing Liberal drums are incessantly beating about “White Privilege.”  I don’t know what the agitators (who are mainly White) expect Whites to do about themselves in the long run except perhaps commit seppuku.   Wrapped up into this phony outrage are two issues of which the latter might be a function of the former.  The first is the well known IQ difference between Blacks and Whites and the second the doctrine of Disparate Outcome.  That is the purported belief that if the outcome between races are not exactly the same in health, income, educational attainment or whatever, it’s proof of engrained bigotry.   A collusion that is between Whites to suppress Blacks.

Critics of  Disparate Outcome are fond of pointing out that Asians perform better in almost every category than Whites yet the left never accuses them of collusion.  Why is that?

Texas Akbar recently gave the best answer:

Texas Akbar  Saturday, July 04, 2015 -Asians typically have higher IQs but they are not a symbol of the founding principles, traditions and history of the Judeo-Christian nation called America. That is what Leftists are after to destroy.