On Diet

The diet debate rages between low carb or no carb diets and no or low fat.  Which emphasis is right for your children?  Well if you have twins you could try both approaches out at the same time and see which produced the best results.  After all that approach would eliminate differences due to genetics.  Right?  Well believe it or not that experiment has already been performed.  You can read about here.  The answer seems to that the best diet is one that avoids processed foods, especially those which combine fats and carbs.  In others words a diet which takes us back to the nineteen thirties or forties where if you look at street views you see the majority of people are much trimmer, and much healthier than people today, despite issues like smoking.

Hmmm.  I think this means that if your grandmother and great grandmother didn’t serve it to you, don’t eat it today.  I dunno about you but looking at diet through this lens makes me much happier.