On Caboose Parents

Many children say from ages two through six or seven will steam through the landscape like a little runaway train grabbing this, toying with that, pushing that over or pushing this Disruptive Childaround in a constant struggle for stimulation. It’s extremely annoying. You can’t have a conversation without forever grabbing a glass off a table that’s about to be spilled and mentally marking the spot where the chattering little dynamo has dropped the TV remote so that you can find it later.

Yet even more annoying is the caboose attached to this little train, the parent who follows close behind the child forever admonishing them not play with something, to put something down they shouldn’t have, to “be careful”, “give that back to Aunt Rose she needs that’, “don’t clutch the cat”, “don’t eat that it’s dirty”, “why don’t we sit down and color in your coloring book?”, “don’t slam the door.”

None of which noise the child pays the slightest attention to unless they’re taken by the arm to keep them from something, upon which time they scream and struggle creating even more of a scene, if that’s possible.

These parents, who in truth must be having even less of a good time that the other adults in the room have no authority with the child – nada, zilch, zero – indeed less than zero. They have never tried to develop it either. Cultivate a smidgen of gravitas or disruptive2encourage in the child an expectation that they will be obeyed – and the first time they say something. Or for that matter never tried to encourage a sense of responsibility in the child for the importance of the feelings and happiness of others, for in short, manners.

Because it seems, they are afraid of exerting any natural authority. Possibly because they view it as authoritarian, that is the oppression of the child. Possibly because the child has a dominant personality and they have a submissive one. Or as is more than likely they don’t know how to do manage their with their little darling because the one set of people who could actually teach them how to do it, their own parents, the Caboose parent views as fundamentally flawed in some fashion and so won’t take any direction from them whatsoever.

And so they go on like they do at family gatherings, having a miserable time and making certain everyone else has a miserable time too.

A pox on these idiots.