Not Putting It Away

I’m amazed that a majority of viewers thought Donald Trump won the debate with Hillary.  He made his main points but with repetitive ramblings.  Meanwhile Clinton screeching as always  truth looked like a nursing home resident made up for Sunday dinner out in a restaurant with her daughter, showed a mastery of detail and hit him with everything in the Democrat playbook: that Trump’s a dishonest, uncaring, racist, ignorant, women hating thug etc. etc.  And while there were a dozen times he could have put her away but didn’t have the one-liners in his pocket because Donald believes in being spontaneous.  So did Winston Churchill but he also said “that there is nothing as well rehearsed as an extemporaneous speech”, and so Winston practiced and practiced his spontaneity.  Nuff Said.

Wise up Donald we’re depending on you to make certain Hillary isn’t.