Not Looking Good.

I only watched snippets of Clinton’s testimony about Benghazi before the Senate and the House Of Representatives but was struck by a few points. One is that her personal appearance has deteriorated markedly this past few years. The weight gain, the hair, she is not aging gracefully. Two, what a poor public speaker she is, no decent cadence in her voice (Obama might not have a lot of G2 but he does have wonderful cadence), no witticisms, no spark or sparkle, a bit shrill, sounds like she’s waiting in line at WalMart.  Three, there’s no clothes sense, I seem to remember in nice suits in her White House years, now she dresses, well I don’t want to take another cut at WalMart but you know what I mean.

One thing she does have down is the Golf Pro walk.  Obviously assumed but it’s a power walk.  The power walk.  In it you could read the disdain she feels for those lawmakers so above themselves as to question her.

I look forward to the Democrat primary election when she lands on Biden like a thousand of brick while Bill Clinton kneels down and pulls out Joe’s hair plugs one by one.