Not Enough Women To Go Around

Feminists are demanding more woman be represented in the STEM (an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields after a European scientist appeared at a press conference wearing a garish short sleeved shirt printed with the image of a lot of beach lovelies.

Lost WomenBut has anyone considered that there’s not enough women to go around?  If we insist that the STEM fields must have fifty percent women than we are going to have to force some number of women to abandon their occupation of choice in order to fill the quota.  This means firing half the librarians, primary level public school teachers, a heck of a lot nurses and so.  A fact which of course, reveals, the insanity of feminism.   And quotas in general.

Parenthetically one might add, one might apply the same logic to Gays.  If two percent of miners, loggers, MMA fighters, bridge builders, car mechanics and so on have to be Gays – then we’re going to have to fire an awful lot of hairdressers and interior decorators and those latter with any talent, well they’re not exactly thick on the ground.

On the other hand the only reason newspapers and the MSM run these stories is that they know that they’ll have the rest of us seeing red and maybe buying more newspapers and air time so that they can charge their advertisers more and pay Matt Lauer twenty five million a year.

Personally I think half of that should be paid to Al Roker, if that is he agrees to add some weight back on and look more like his old happy self.