New Threat At Bird Feeder

Northern HarrierSeveral mornings ago I was sitting in my screened in back porch drinking my first cup of coffee of the day when a Grackle landed on the edge of the Otter fountain we keep running for the birds.  Then when when she stuck her head in for a drink a silent menacing flyer sailed down from the left and plucked her up.  Only a little bit larger than the Grackle itself  there was a flurry of struggling wings and the predator bird whatever it was barely got the Grackle to a perch on top of the fence which surrounds two sides of our property.  There it killed its victim by biting its head off, turned and flew south lugging the rest of its dinner.

Different from the Hawks like the Coopers, Red-Tail and Red-Shoulder I occasionally see so I looked it up in Audubon.  It was a immature Northern Harrier and appears to be haunting the bird feeding station because visitors have just about disappeared.

Despite the fact that in the past it has been known as the “Good Hawk” because it won’t bother chickens it has been seen to take ducks by drowning them first.  Who drowns a duck?  Strange.

It’s on the plane of Herons drowning baby rabbits in order to swallow them whole.

Let’s hope it moves on..

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