My Own Private Moon Mission

buck-moonThe Wall Street Journal has a piece today about the Federal Government being at the point of approving a private mission to the moon.  You’ll find yourself blocked from reading it by their pay-wall but you can Google it.  The basic story is that California-based company Moon Express, aims to fly commercial missions to the moon and help unlock its resources and has signed a five-launch deal with Rocket Lab, with the first two robotic liftoffs scheduled to take place in 2017. –  Here the link to the piece on

My question is this – where in the Constitution does it says the Federal Government has the power to regulate Moon missions?  What business is it of theirs?  If I want to buy my neighbor’s barn silo, fill it with jet fuel, climb on, have my wife light me off and then blast away on my own private moon mission I have that right.  I would think.

What do you think?