Moslem Rape Gangs

Moslem Rape

Thomas Lifson has an eye-opening piece in American Thinker today about Moslem Rape gangs at Swedish Swimming pools read it here.  The pithier  comments follow:


  • [At home Moslems have a] Tradition of romancing sheep
  • Public rape facilities. How progressive
  • Sennels states that more than half the Pakistanis living in the U.K. are married to first cousins. Per an article at Bare Naked Islam, although Pakistanis account for 3% of births in the U.K., they make up 33% of children born with birth defects in the country.
  • Most cities have leash laws. Just extend them to cover Muslims.
  • “The inevitable result is that Swedes are avoiding pools…” At what point do they start avoiding their country?
  • Maybe when young Muslim toughs start showing up to “swim” at the gay bathhouses of San Fran Freakshow and NYC, and Obama’s old Down Low Club in Sickago, even liberals will learn that Trump’s solution is right.
  • Sweden is an example of how people can be so open-minded that their brains fall out.
  • Math teachers in France can’t ask Muzzy children to draw right angles because it offends them because they look like part of the Christian Cross.
  • Swedish women vs. goats? What’s a guy to say?
  • The other night Marco Rubio attacked Trump on Faux News for insulting all the millions of patriotic Muslims living in America. The only problem with that though is there isn’t even one patriotic Muslim, much less millions of patriotic Muslims, living in America.