More Coyotes

Great Britain, as it’s prone to every now and again, is convulsed by a dog story.  In this case it was a barking terrier who the neighbors after years of this torture, killed the thing.  The man’s trial garnered the attention of the O.J. Simpson affair except that the perpetrator was convicted and given a suspended jail sentence.  The Daily Mail On-Line recorded something like 2000 comments on the trial most demanding that the man be killed himself.

Here’s the lead:

DOG RAGE – the question dividing Britain: Can you feel any sympathy for the neighbour who killed a dog because it wouldn’t stop barking? Here, the dead pet’s owners tell their side

Dog killed by Stephen Woodhouse's owners tell their story after trial        

The tragic drowning of family dog Meg (pictured left, with George Boddington) is a story that has united the nation’s dog-lovers. Owners Alan and Alison Boddington (pictured, right) speak out about their neighbour Stephen Woodhouse’s (inset) ‘despicable’ actions and the horror of thinking how Meg suffered, in a reveal-all interview in the aftermath of the trial.

Below is my contribution to the discussion:

I had a neighbor who let a Basset Hound out during the day while they were at work and the thing was constantly halloing in back of my house. I complained and complained and complained to no avail.  Finally after years of this I told the neighbors I was going to shoot the thing dead and they still ignored me.  But the brush he was wandering in day after day was too thick to get a shot. Finally one day I’m out in the garden and the nasty annoying thing got chased out into the meadow by a pack of Coyote who ran him down in front of me and ate him.  So that’s the answer to persistent dog barking – more Coyote.  I realize you don’t have Coyote in the U.K. but that’s easily remedied and they breed like rabbits.  And don’t ever bark – just howl at the moon when it’s full.  P.S. another benefit is that they eat Red Fox.

I await the death threats from Great Britain’s fanatical animal lovers.  If I get any really interesting ones I’ll blog about it.